Accommodation vouchers with a 50% discount


The "coronavirus" period will definitely end within the next year, and to make the current mood more pleasant, we have created a special offer so that people have something to look forward to in the future.

Terms of the campaign:

  1. The voucher can be ordered using the booking form below or by e-mail to

  2. After sending the order, the contract for the purchase of a voucher and an invoice for payment with a 50% discount from the listed prices will be issued to those interested.

  3. After paying the invoice, the buyer will receive a Accommodation Voucher.

  4. The voucher can be used for stays until 31th Dec 2025 by prior arrangement with the resort.

  5. The voucher will be transferable to another person by prior arrangement with the resort.

  6. The offer of the event is valid until 31th Dec 2020 or until the vouchers are exhausted.

(Details on accommodation options can be found here Holidays)
8 days€449 Special price: €224 / person
11 days€549 Special price: €274 / person
15 days€629 Special price: €314 / person
21 days€759 Special price: €379 / person
(€10 Special price: €5 per room and night)